On 29th October of 2023 will be held Halloween CAC Dog Show in Hungary in village Algyő 10 kilometer from Szeged! Venue: Dog training track, Algyő, Téglás út 162.

GPS: 46.322814, 20.213751

How to get there: At the end of Téglás utca, right next to the Levendula Hotel, in a cultured environment is the dog training track in a closed area.

Program of the show

06.45: Entry to the show area
Opening ceremony of the show
09.00: The beginning of judgements in rings
10.00: Presentation of the dog school
Best In Show with a costume contest on the occasion of Halloween

Informations of exhibitors!

With online catalog, descriptive judgement!


Round assigment

Deadline for entry of Halloween CAC Dog Show Algyő:

I. Entry deadlines: 03th September of 2023 – 01th October of 2023
II. Entry deadlines: 02th October of 2023 – 22th October of 2023

Halloween CAC Dog Show Algyő
Judge list

The leader judge is Mr. László Erdős from Hungary.

FCI – I. Group

Katalin Szabóné Iványi (HU): Hungarian Shepherd Dogs
Tibor Bosnjak (HU): English Shepherd Dogs, Australian Shepherd Dogs, Belgian Shepherd Dogs
Ferenc Gröschl (HU): other dog breeds of group I. not listed at other judges

FCI – II. Group

Dr. Márta Sípos (SRB): Pinschers, Schnauzers, Swiss Mountain and Shepherd Dogs, Bullmastiff, Shar-Pei
Ferenc Gröschl (HU): Rottweiler, Cane Corso, Bordeaux-i dog, Presa Canario, Fila Brasileiro
Gábor Hargitai (HU): Saint Bernard, Pyrenean Mountain Dog, Leonberger, Hovawart, Landseer, Caucasian Shepherd Dog, Central Asian Shepherd Dog
Béla P. Szabó (HU): other dog breeds of group II. not listed at other judges

FCI – III. Group

Ágnes Hajdú (HU): American Staffordshire Terrier
Sanja Momcilovic Bognic (SRB): other dog breeds of group III. not listed at other judges

FCI – IV. Group

Sándor Szabó (HU): the complete group

FCI – V. Group

Dr. György Tesics (HU): Chow-Chow, Basenji, Ibizan Hound, Thai Ridgeback
István Csépai (HU): other dog breeds of group V. not listed at other judges

FCI – VI. Group

Sanja Momcilovic Bognic (SRB): the complete group

FCI – VII. Group

Dr. György Tesics (HU): the complete group

FCI – VIII. Group

Dr. Zsuzsanna Balogh (HU): the complete group

FCI – IX. Group

László Erdős (HU): Poodles
Katalin Radvánszky (HU): other dog breeds of group IX. not listed at other judges

FCI – X. Group

László Erdős (HU): the complete group

Dog breeds not recognized by FCI

Dr. Zsuzsanna Balogh (HU)


The veterinary regulations in force in Hungary: a valid rabies vaccination for the dog is mandatory to combat the territory of the exhibition entrance! Entry to the EU countries and non-EU countries is in compliance with applicable laws and regulatory requirements.

The damage caused by the dog owner is responsible!

Dogs with docked tail and cropped ears can be entered. They will be judged together with dogs with natural tail and ears.

Editorial Note: If you are browsing the entry from a mobile phone, please turn your phone horizontally so that you will see the “Entry deadlines and entry fees” properly!

Halloween CAC Dog Show Algyő
Entry deadlines and entry fees

c                               First entry                  Second entry
C C                            
deadline                       deadline
           02. 10. 2023
ccccc             until 01. 10. 2023                22. 10. 2023

1st dog                         35 €                                45 €

Additional dog          30 €                                 40 €

Minor Puppy,
Puppy, Veteran         20 €                                 35 €

The entry fee for the dog
Halloween costume contest         10 €
(only for registered dogs)

You can enter the costume contest
at the following email address:


Entry on site:

Breeding group, Dog pairs           20 €

Junior handler, Senior handler   20 €


Entering to the show is in accordance to the FCI and Hungarian Kennel Club’s Show Regulations, the exhibitor by signing the entry form, or by entering in the online-system, the exhibitor is undertake to comply with and be bound by the rules itself.


  • To the show only those dogs can be entered, who has original FCI registeed pedigree, one dog can be entered only to one class.
  • Entry is available by post and by online!
  • The entry fee must be paid also in case of absence.
  • Illegible and incomplete entry form can not be accepted.

The entry to the show is as per the current FCI and MEOESZ show regulation, accepted by signing the entry form or by using the online entry system.

Only dogs with FCI pedigrees can be entered, one dog can be entered only in one class. In case of absence the entry fee must be paid as well.

If you enter more dogs, the Minor Puppy, Puppy and Veteran classes entry fees is not counting as „First dog” in amount!

For correct class entries, please use the date of showing to calculate the age of the dog.

Entry classes

Please, click to the text, or the “+” sign and open the box, where you will see the entry classes.

Entry classes

          Class                          Age                                           Attached documents

Minor Puppy class               3 – 6 months                   FCI or FCI Contract partner originated copy of pedigree

Puppy class                           6 – 9 months                   FCI or FCI Contract partner originated copy of pedigree

Junior class                          9 – 18 months                  FCI or FCI Contract partner originated copy of pedigree

Intermediate class            15 – 24 months                 FCI or FCI Contract partner originated copy of pedigree

Open class                          From 15 months               FCI or FCI Contract partner originated copy of pedigree

Working class                    From 15 months       FCI accepted Working test certificate copy, copy of pedigree

Champion class                 From 15 months               FCI National or International Champion certificate copy

Veteran class                        From 8 years                   FCI or FCI Contract partner originated copy of pedigree

Halloween CAC Dog Show Algyő online-entry is available>>

For the entry you must make registration before. In the online system you can only make the payment by Bankcard or Credit card.

If you enter more dogs, the Minor Puppy, Puppy and Veteran classes entry fees is not counting as “First dog” in amount!

Local payment + 5 EUR / dog / day, calculated up!

They only accept your entry with a copy the payment confirmation attached (bank transfer receipt)!

They can not take over the costs of the bank wire transfer.

Entry is accepted after payment is fully done.

The entry fee must paid to the next account number:
Name of the account holder:
Ebtenyésztők Dél-alföldi Egyesülete

Bank account number:
IBAN CODE: HU43 1173 5005 2056 0276 0000 0000 
Swift (BIC) code: OTPVHUHB

Please in the comment put the note: your dog’s name and the whole amount written, as we have to recognise it more easily. All information will be forwarded to this e-mail address noted.

The exchange’s fee between classes is 5 EUR/change.

Registration form

Entry adress by post:
Hód-Dog Kutyabarát Egyesület
Pf./Po.box: 1.

Show informations are the Hód-Dog Kutyabarát Egyesület official website >>.

More information on entry is available at the following email address:

The venue of Halloween CAC Dog Shows is


Algyő is a large village in Csongrád-Csanád county, in the Szeged district. It is located on the right bank of the Tisza, 10 km from Szeged and 15 km from Hódmezővásárhely. It is an important Tisza crossing. Since 1870, a railway bridge and, since 1974, a road bridge have also helped the crossing.

Algyő has been inhabited since the conquest. For centuries, its inhabitants have preserved their ancient occupations due to the geographical position of the settlement: they fished, cultivated the land, raised animals and fiddled with basket weaving. Neither the Turkish occupation, nor the threats of the whimsical and unbridled annual flood of the Tisza, nor the devastating Great Flood of 1879, could withstand the vitality and determination of the people of Gyevi; no ordeal could challenge their allegiance to their way of life and living space.

However, life began to change slowly in the twentieth century, as in the whole country, so in Algyő. However, a large-scale transformation in the second half of the 1960s was brought about by oil exploration and excavation. The oil and natural gas field found on the border of Algyő had demographic, economic and administrative consequences: many people moved to the village, the traditional farming was pushed into the background by the industry, finally the settlement lost its independence, in 1973 it was annexed to Szeged. He regained his independence only in 1997, following a referendum in the autumn of 1996.

To the re-independent Algyő had to find his roots again in order to integrate it into the new, modern urban image. This process continues to this day, Algyő is formed as a mixture of traditions and modernity, while „the locals want this village to remain primarily a quiet place of residence, very close to the city through the four-lane road, yet in relative silence,” writes András Bakos in the walks of Algyő book in 2007. – „Where you can relax. Where in some courtyards, under large walnut trees, or on the banks of the Tisza, the time around man still slows down. The people of Algyő would like to believe that this rare and priceless experience is considered by others to be just as valuable. ”

One of the central buildings of the village is the Village House. Its most impressive part is the theater hall, which together with the upstairs gallery and balcony can accommodate an audience of 300 people. After the handover of the Village House, community culture in Algyő became more active, and the needs and expectations of the population also increased. The institution has become a venue for permanent sessions.

The Algyő Country House was built as a manor house after the 1979 flood, which means that its owners were man of property. The building was converted into a Country House in 2001, and it gained its final condition today in the fall of 2014. There are two permanent exhibitions in the Country House, an interior exhibition from the 1970s and one from the 1930s. The 1970s exhibition includes a contemporary kitchen, bathroom, a living room and a children’s room, as well as contemporary newspaper articles that show how people of that time lived. The Country House also hosts craft classes.

The activities of the „Ezerjófű” health protection association started in the Country House. At first, discussions related to health protection and health education were held in the Country House, and later courses were held. In the courtyard of the Country House, they created a herb garden on their own, using their own financial resources, which they are constantly developing. Since 2014, the Municipality has embraced the herb garden, when it was rebuilt and developed so much that today there are more than 200 herbs in the garden, planned in garden at least 250 herbs in the future. Their aim is to make the knowledge available to the population of the village and the surrounding area, as well as to all interested people, to acquaint the tourists visiting Algyő with what was common in the time of our grandmothers, that we can use spices and herbs. to cure our smaller problems, to ensure that our health is preserved. During the cultivation of the herb garden and the collection and processing of herbs, an active community life has developed, which affects the life of the whole village, they try to provide programs and activities for all ages that take this knowledge to them. They hold session in a primary school and in a nursing home for the elderly, and allow families to learn about this knowledge through a series of open days.

The settlement decided a few years ago that it will spend a lot on the development of tourism, in the spirit of which the Borbála Spa was built. The Borbála medicinal water gives the soul of the bath, it is an alkaline hydrogen-carbonate medicinal water, a typical Great Plain medicinal water, which is excellent for locomotor problems, and forms the basis of both cave therapy and physiotherapy. The permanent programs of the spa include aquafitness, sound bath, night bathing, spa swimming, sauna sessions, therapeutic and refreshing massages.

Come and visit us too, the organizers are waiting for you!

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