On 27th June of 2021 will be held CAC National Dog Show in Hungary in Mosonmagyaróvár! Venue: Mosonmagyaróvár, Kálnoki street 34. – Riding stadium.

GPS: 47.875955, 17.283902

Informations of exhibitors!

CAC Dog Show Mosonmagyaróvár
Judge list

Dear Exhibitor! You will find the list of judges in a box, that can be opened according to breed groups. Please, click on the name of the FCI group, or the “+” sign and open the box, where you will find the judges of that group, and the dog breeds they will be judge.

The leader judge is Mr. Péter Harsányi.

FCI - I. Group

István Orcsik (SRB): Hungarian dog breeds
Zsolt Bíró (HU): English Shepherd dogs
Dr. Zsuzsanna Balogh (HU): German Shepherd, Australian Shepherd dogs, Belgian Shepherd dog,  I. group other dog breeds

FCI - II. Group

Jana Janek (SK): Boxer, Dobermann
Zsolt Bíró (HU): Schnauzers, Rottweiler, Cane Corso
Dr. Zsuzsanna Balogh (HU): Great Dane, Pinschers, English Bulldog
Dr. Márta Sípos (SRB): NewFoundland, Landseer, Saint Bernard
Péter Harsányi (HU): Leonberger, Hovawart, Pyrenean Mountain dog, Sarplaninac
István Orcsik (SRB): Russian dog breeds
Peter F. Berchtold (A): Dogo Argentino, Bullmastiff, Mastino Napoletano, Bordeaux-i dog, Tibetan Mastiff, Fila Brasileiro, Bernese Mountain dog, II. group other dog breeds

FCI - III. Group

Szilvia Gróf (HU): Bull-type Terriers, West Highland White Terrier, Yorkshire Terrier
Dr. Márta Sípos (SRB): III. group other dog breeds

FCI - IV. Group

Peter F. Berchtold (A): the all dachshund

FCI - V. Group

Jana Janek (SK): Alaskan Malamut, Siberian Husky, Samoyed, Akita Inu, American Akita, Shiba Inu, Basenji
István Orcsik (SRB): V. group other dog breeds

FCI - VI. Group

Lajos Holovitz (HU): the all breeds

FCI - VII. Group

Alenka Pokorn (SLO): the all breeds

FCI - VIII. Group

Dr. Márta Sípos (SRB): Retrievers
Jana Janek (SK): Spaniels, VIII. group other dog breeds

FCI - IX. Group

Judit Beke (HU): Poodles, Shih-Tzu, Lhasa-Apso, Tibetan Terrier, Tibetan Spaniel, Bichon Frise, Bichon Havanais, Bolognese, Coton de Tulear, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Löwchen
István Csík (D): IX. group other dog breeds

FCI - X. Group

Dr. Zsuzsanna Balogh (HU): Hungarian Greyhound
Péter Harsányi (HU): the all breed

Dog breeds not recognized by FCI

Jana Janek (SK)


The veterinary regulations in force in Hungary: a valid rabies vaccination for the dog is mandatory to combat the territory of the exhibition entrance! Entry to the EU countries and non-EU countries is in compliance with applicable laws and regulatory requirements.

The damage caused by the dog owner is responsible!

Dogs with docked tail and cropped ears can be entered. They will be judged together with dogs with natural tail and ears.

For foreign owners, the Hungarian Membership Card for 2021 does not entitle you to a discounted entry at either the FCI European Dog Show of 2021 or accompanying events or any other FCI event in 2021.

Editorial Note: If you are browsing the entry from a mobile phone, please turn your phone horizontally so that you will see the “Entry deadlines and entry fees” properly!

CAC Dog Show Mosonmagyaróvár
Entry deadlines and entry fees

c                               First entry                  Second entry
C C                            
deadline                       deadline
C                             12
. 06. 2021                 19. 06. 2021

1st dog                         35 €                                35 €

Additional dog          30 €                                 30 €

Minor Puppy,
Puppy, Veteran         20 €                                 20 €

Breeding group, Dog pairs          20 €

Junior handler                                 10 €


Entering to the show is in accordance to the FCI and Hungarian Kennel Club’s Show Regulations, the exhibitor by signing the entry form, or by entering in the online-system, the exhibitor is undertake to comply with and be bound by the rules itself.


  • To the show only those dogs can be entered, who has original FCI registeed pedigree, one dog can be entered only to one class.
  • Entry is available by post and by online!
  • The entry fee must be paid also in case of absence.
  • Illegible and incomplete entry form can not be accepted.

The entry to the show is as per the current FCI and MEOESZ show regulation, accepted by signing the entry form or by using the online entry system.

Only dogs with FCI pedigrees can be entered, one dog can be entered only in one class. In case of absence the entry fee must be paid as well.

If you enter more dogs, the Minor Puppy, Puppy and Veteran classes entry fees is not counting as „First dog” in amount!

For correct class entries, please use the date of showing to calculate the age of the dog.

Entry classes

Please, click to the text, or the “+” sign and open the box, where you will see the entry classes.

Entry classes

          Class                          Age                                           Attached documents

Minor Puppy class               3 – 6 months                   FCI or FCI Contract partner originated copy of pedigree

Puppy class                           6 – 9 months                   FCI or FCI Contract partner originated copy of pedigree

Junior class                          9 – 18 months                  FCI or FCI Contract partner originated copy of pedigree

Intermediate class            15 – 24 months                 FCI or FCI Contract partner originated copy of pedigree

Open class                          From 15 months               FCI or FCI Contract partner originated copy of pedigree

Working class                    From 15 months       FCI accepted Working test certificate copy, copy of pedigree

Champion class                 From 15 months               FCI National or International Champion certificate copy

Veteran class                        From 8 years                   FCI or FCI Contract partner originated copy of pedigree

CAC Dog Show Mosonmagyaróvár online-entry is available>>

For the entry you must make registration before. When making the online-entry you can make changes after the entry done for 6 hours. When you not make any changes in this 6 hours, the entry will become final. You will get automatically e-mail after making tfhe entry(ies). It includes all information. Please check and in case of any mistakes, inform us by e-mail. In the online system you can only make the payment by Bankcard or Creditcard. If you not finish the creditcard payment in the online system, your entry will be cancelled automatically.Entry is valid only if the payment is successful via the online entry site. Entries cannot be saved int he system without payment.

Entry is accepted after payment is fully done.

They can not take over the costs of the bank wire transfer.

If you enter more dogs, the Minor Puppy, Puppy and Veteran classes entry fees is not counting as “First dog” in amount!

Local payment + 5 EUR / dog / day, calculated up!

They only accept your entry with a copy the payment confirmation attached (bank transfer receipt)!

They can not take over the costs of the bank wire transfer.

The entry fee must paid to the next account number:
Name of the account holder:
Ebtenyésztők Mosonmagyaróvári Egyesülete

Bank account number:
IBAN CODE: HU33 5860 0238 1123 4487 0000 0000 (EURO)
Swift (BIC) code: DTBAHUHB

The exchange’s fee between classes is 5 EUR/change.

Registration form

Without your signature we can not register your dog to the show!

Entry adress by post:
Ebtenyésztők Mosonmagyaróvári Egyesülete
Templom u. 33/a.

Information of show entry in email:

Informations of show entry in phone (english and deutch):
+36 70 392 5533. – János Turzó

The city of the CAC Dog Show is


Mosonmagyaróvár is the third largest city in the Győr-Moson-Sopron region and one of the 16 historical cities in Hungary. Due to its geographical location, the city has always been an important economic, financial, tourist, transport, industrial and commercial center throughout its history.

The history of the city dates back to Roman times, when it still existed as Ad Flexum and functioned as a military base. In the following decade, this camp was destroyed in several parts, on the ruins of which the medieval city was built. During the period of the conquest, the city became the county seat. At that time, Moson and Óvár still functioned as two separate settlements. Moson’s role was significantly strengthened in the post-conquest period, and was mentioned in the 11th century chronicles as a strong castle and busy trading town. The development came to an end in 1271, when the Mosoni fortress was demolished so much that it was no longer worth rebuilding. To the development of Magyaróvár contributed greatly the trade and the industrialization. Queen Elizabeth elevated the Óvár to the rank of queen city. It was destroyed several times during Turkish rule. While Magyaróvár developed into the industrial and cultural center of the region, until then, Moson was a large village inhabited by farmers and merchants.The two parts of the city merged in 1939, and since then they together form the city of Mosonmagyaróvár.

Mosonmagyaróvár is classified as a historical city due to its monumental buildings, building complexes and medieval street network. Thirteen of its individually protected buildings are monuments of national significance. The Óvári Castle was built on the remains of the Roman settlement in the 13th century. century. After the Rákóczi War of Independence, an agricultural higher education institution was established in the building, which lost its military significance, and its legal successor is now the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences of the University of West Hungary. The castle building houses a museum of institutional history.

There are several baroque residential houses in the town, including the city’s oldest inn, the Black Eagle Hotel and Restaurant. Significant Baroque relics include the statue of St. John of Nepomuk. The Gothic jewel of the town is the Cselley House, where you can see the industrial history exhibition of the Hanság Museum, and in its cellar you can visit the Roman Stone Museum. The Hanság Museum is home to a permanent exhibition on the history of the city and its surroundings. During our city walk we can visit Catholic, Reformed and Lutheran churches.

Mosonmagyaróvár’s latest specialty, FUTURA, opened its doors in 2012. In the nearly 300-year-old former granary building, an interactive experience center has been created where visitors can learn more about the natural sciences through the four primordial elements. FUTURA’s extremely exciting, adventurous exhibitions entice both young and old to play and learn. Guests arriving in the area can enjoy many other interesting programs, such as sightseeing, cruises, horseback riding, cycling, carriage rides, and guided tours in the gallery of the Mosonmagyaróvár Museum.

Today, the biggest treasure and attraction of the city is the thermal water, which was declared a medicinal water in 1967. This medicinal water is suitable for the treatment of rheumatic and locomotor diseases, inflammations, respiratory ailments and gastrointestinal ailments. From the mid-1990s, significant investment was made in the spa area, with hotels, restaurants, apartments, and medical section established. Today, all those who want to play sports, relax and recover can enjoy it to a high standard.

Come and visit us too, the organizers are waiting for you!

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