3 x CACIB Dog show in Hungary near city of Kecskemét. Three day international dog show will be held from 18 to 20 September (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) of 2020 and will include a CACIB dog show every day. For 3 days you can attend 3 CACIB international dog in the village Jakabszállás, 17 km from city of Kecskemét. Exact location: Sport Airport of the Aero Hotel.

GPS: N 46,748055, E 19,605278
46°44’53,00” N, 19°36’19,00 E
46°44,8833’ N, 19° 36,3167’ E

Informations for exhibitors

Information for foreign exhibitors!

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen! Foreign exhibitors wo can’t participate on this dog show because the actually border situation, will receive a numbered voucher, which you can receive with the following method:
You need send a email to the dunatiszadogshow@gmail.com email adress , with the owner’s name and also with the dog’s name(s), if you have the entry confirmation please attach too. Then you will become the voucher which you can use personally or can use other person too (the voucher are „transferable” for other person) in the year 2021 on the CACIB shows which will be held in JAKABSZÁLLÁS.


Super BIS
Super Junior BIS
Super Veteran BIS
Super Puppy BIS
Super Minor Puppy BIS
I – IV. in the BIS!

Judge lists


18. 09. 2020


19. 09. 2020


20. 09. 2020


The leader judge is Mr. András Korózs.

FCI – I. Group

Hungarian Shepherd dogs László Erdős (HU) Attila Czeglédi (HU) Dr. Emese Kaszás (HU)
English and Australian Shepherd dogs Péter Harsányi (HU) Ildikó Muzslai (HU) Sándor Szabó (HU)
German Shepherd, I. group other dog breeds László Erdős (HU) Dr. Tamás Jakkel (HU) Róbert Kotlár (HU)

FCI – II. Group

Cane Corso, Boxer, Bernese Mountain Dog, Russian breeds Sándor Szabó (HU)
NewFoundland, Fila Brasileiro, Mastiff, Saint Bernard, Shar-Pei, Rottweiler, Mastino Napoletano, Leonberger, Bordeaux-i Dog Péter Harsányi (HU)
Schnauzers, Pinschers, Great Danish Dog, English Bulldog, Bullmastiff, Dobermann Dr. Tamás Jakkel (HU)
Rottweiler, Bullmastiff, Bordeaux-i Dog István Hajas (HU)
Boxer, Cane Corso, Bernese Mountain Dog, NewFoundland, Mastiff, Fila Brasileiro, Saint Bernard, Shar-Pei István Lakatos (HU)
Mastino Napoletano, Leonberger, Schnauzers, Pinschers Sándor Szabó (HU)
Great Danish Dog, English Bulldog, Dobermann, Russian breed Istvánné Juhász (HU)
Rottweiler, Russian breed, NewFoundland, Bordeaux-i Dog, Mastiff, Fila Brasileiro, Saint Bernard, Shar-Pei László Erdős (HU)
English Bulldog, Bullmastiff, Dobermann, Mastino Napoletano, Great Danish Dog, Leonberger István Lakatos (HU)
Schnauzers, Pinschers, Boxer, Cane Corso, Bernese Mountain Dog Péter Harsányi (HU)
Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, Hovawart, Dogo Argentino, Dogo Canario, Landseer, Pyrenean Mountain Dog , Tibetan Mastiff, II. group other dog breeds István Lakatos (HU) Péter Harsányi (HU) Istvánné Juhász (HU)

FCI – III. Group

Bull-type Terriers Csaba Denk (HU) Dr. Tamás Jakkel (HU) Gábor Korózs (HU)
Long-legged Terriers, Short-legged Terriers Csaba Denk (HU) László Erdős (HU) Attila Czeglédi (HU)

FCI – IV. Group

All breed Dr. György Tesics (HU) Sándor Szabó (HU) Gábor Korózs (HU)

FCI – V. Group

All breed András Korózs (HU) Dr. György Tesics (HU) Attila Czeglédi (HU)

FCI – VI. Group

All breed Attila Czeglédi (HU) András Korózs (HU) Dr. Tamás Jakkel (HU)

FCI – VII. Group

Hungarian Vizslas Sándor Szabó (HU) Kotlár Róbert (HU) Dr. Tamás Jakkel (HU)
VII. group other dog breeds Dr. György Tesics (HU) Attila Czeglédi (HU) Kotlár Róbert (HU)

FCI – VIII. Group

Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever Judit Beke (HU) Anita Márkus (HU) Sándor Szabó (HU)
Spaniels, VIII. group other dog breeds Judit Beke (HU) Anita Márkus (HU) Dr. György Tesics (HU)

FCI – IX. Group

French Bulldog Annamária Tarján (HU) Dr. Tamás Jakkel (HU) Katalin Kiss (HU)
Bichons, Pug, Boston Terrier, Chihuahua Róbert Kotlár (HU) Katalin Kiss (HU) András Korózs (HU)
Poodles, IX. group other dog breeds Annamária Tarján (HU) Róbert Kotlár (HU) Katalin Kiss (HU)

FCI – X. Group

All breed Róbert Kotlár (HU) Ildikó Muzslai (HU) Dr. György Tesics(HU)

Dog breeds not recognized by FCI.

Attila Czeglédi (HU) Dr. György Tesics (HU) László Erdős (HU)

Entry deadlines and entry fees

First entry deadline

19 July 2020

Second entry deadline

12 September 2020

The first dog 45 € 55 €
Additional dog 40 € 50 €
Minor Puppy, Puppy and Veteran classes 25 € 30 €

Entry on site

Dog couple
20 €
Breeding group 20 €
Junior Handler
15 €


Entering to the show is in accordance to the FCI and Hungarian Kennel Club’s Show Regulations, the exhibitor by signing the entry form, or by entering in the online-system, the exhibitor is undertake to comply with and be bound by the rules itself.

Local payment + 10 EUR / dog / day, calculated up!

They only accept your entry with a copy the payment confirmation attached (bank transfer receipt)!

They can not take over the costs of the bank wire transfer.

Entry is accepted after payment is fully done.


  • To the show only those dogs can be entered, who has original FCI registeed pedigree, one dog can be entered only to one class.
  • Entry is available by post and by online!
  • The entry fee must be paid also in case of absence.
  • Illegible and incomplete entry form can not be accepted.

Entry classes

Class Age Attached documents
Minor Puppy class 3 – 6 months FCI or FCI Contract patner originated copy of pedigree
Puppy class 6 – 9 months FCI or FCI Contract patner originated copy of pedigree
Junior class 9 – 18 months FCI or FCI Contract patner originated copy of pedigree
Intermediate class 15 – 24 months FCI or FCI Contract patner originated copy of pedigree
Open class From 15 months FCI or FCI Contract patner originated copy of pedigree
Working class From 15 months FCI accepted Working test certificate copy, copy of pedigree
Champion class From 15 months FCI National or International Champion certificate copy
Veteran class From 8 years FCI or FCI Contract patner originated copy of pedigree

Online entry is available, please, click>>.

For the entry you must make registration before. In the online system you can only make the payment by Bankcard or Credit card.

If you enter more dogs, the Minor Puppy, Puppy and Veteran classes entry fees is not counting as “First dog” in amount!

Entry adress by post:
Hód-Dog Kutyabarát Egyesület
Pf./Po.box: 1.

The entry fee must paid to the next account number:
Name of the account holder:
Duna-Tisza Közi Kynológiai Egyesület

Bank account number:
IBAN CODE: HU83 1176 3323 7253 0885 0000 0000
Swift (BIC) code: OTPVHUHB

The exchange’s fee between classes is 10 EUR/change.

Information of show in email:

Information of show entry in email:

19th September of 2020 – Saturday

Organize by the Ázsiai Törpekutyák és Bichonok Fajtagondozó Egyesület

CAC Club Show


Dr. Tamás Jakkel (HU):

Bolognese, Coton de Tulear, Bichon Frise, Shih-Tzu, Tibetan Terrier, Pekingese, Japanese Chin

Csaba Zsolt Lokodi (RO):

Havenese, Maltese, Löwchen, Chinese Crested Dog, Tibetan Spaniel, Lhasa Apso, Bolonka Cvetna

Beginning of judgements: 13:00 p.m., after the CACIB judgements.

Entry deadlines and entry fees

First entry deadline

30. 08. 2020

Second entry deadline

06. 09. 2020

The first dog 50 € 45 €
The additional dog 50 € 45 €
Minor Puppy, Puppy, Veteran 30 € 30 €
Hobby 30 € 30 €

You can entry this dog breeds:: Bichon Frise, Bolognes, Coton de Tulear, Havanese, Löwchen, Maltese, Japanese Chin, Chinese Crested Dog, Pekingese, Lhasa Apso, Shih-Tzu, Tibetan Terrier, Tibetan Spaniel, Bolonka Cvetna

Club Show online entry>>.

The entry fee must paid to the next account number:
Name of the account holder:
Ázsiai Törpekutyák és Bichonok Fajtagondozó Egyesülete

Bank account number:
IBAN CODE: HU94 1160 0006 0000 0000 6613 6523
Swift (BIC) code: GIBAHUHB

Or payment at the site of the dog show!

Entry adress by post:
Hód-Dog Kutyabarát Egyesület
Pf./Po.box: 1.


I present the venue of the dog show: Jakabszállás

The venue of the 3 x CACIB international dog shows is Jakabszállás, which is located 17 km southwest of Kecskemét.

The settlement, inhabited since the Árpádian era, was depopulated during the Turkish occupation, its territory has become wilderness. Jakabszállás became an independent village in 1922 under the name Szabadjakabszállás, it got its current name in 1926. After becoming independent, they built the village hall and a chapel, which were taken care of by the Franciscan monks. The Roman Catholic church was build completed in 1944. The Reformed Church was built much later, in the early 1960s.

In the Kecskemét economic narrow-gauge railway was built in 1928, and the roads crossing the settlement were built in 1939-42, thus significantly reducing the isolation. In the latest age flying has also conquered village of Jakabszállás. Its grassy airport became operational in 1994, and in 2000 a solid runway was built. In 2009, the equestrian track was opened next to the airport.

It was formed at Jakabszállás a 1: 1000 scale model of the topography and hydrography of Hungary. The Kis-Magyarország Botanical Garden is a collection garden of 3,200 plants on 93,000 square meters, an integrated adventure park, a meeting place for creative artists and a great eco-recreation for the guests visiting here.

In the garden 3,200 settlements of Hungary are marked by one-one single plant, making it the most diverse collection botanical garden in the country. 1200 cubic meters of stone and gravel, 22,000 square meters of geotextile, 8,000 square meters of pond foil, several tons of grass seeds were used for its construction, 140 thousand seedlings, at the same time, 12 kilometers of new hiking trails, a 35 km irrigation system, 79,000 square meters of grassland and eight wells were created, and 10,000 aquatic plants were housed in the botanical garden.

A sleigh hill, 1: 1000 scale, 125 meters long, 17 meters wide and 8.8 meters high, which is modeled in the Himalayas, has been built nearby, and inside the hill there is a warming hut that can accommodate 70 people.

The town of Kecskemét is 17 km from Jakabszállás. The city is very rich in attractions. Get to know the city now.


The “famous city” combines historical traditions with modern aspirations. Its beautiful public buildings tell the story of ancient times, its museums and galleries have significant cultural value.

One of the most beautiful city centers of the country can be seen in Kecskemét, where a number of famous buildings welcome the visitor. The first to be the Art Nouveau-style town hall decorated with majolica ornaments, the bells on the façade of which play Kodály’s Viennese bell, and whose ballroom is decorated with murals by Bertalan Székely. The ceremonial hall of the Cifrapalota building, decorated with colorful floral ornaments and evoking the world of Hungarian folk tales presents popular motifs of Art Nouveau. The building is today a gallery of the city, in which be found is the 19th and 20th centuries valuable collection of Hungarian painting.

The defining building of the Main Square is the Great Church, which is the largest protestant baroque style cathedral in the great plain. Opposite the Town Hall is the oldest architectural monument of Kecskemét, the Franciscan Church. The monastery connected to the Church was built by the Franciscans, which today houses the Zoltán Kodály Institute of Music Education and has a permanent exhibition on the ground floor showing the life of the famous composer. Zoltán Kodály’s name coincides with city. At the Zoltán Kodály School of Singing and Music, students are taught according to the criteria of the world-famous Kodály method. Among the famous natives of Kecskemét, in addition to Zoltán Kodály, we should mention the playwright József Katona, his name is preserved by the József Katona Theater and the poet Sándor Petőfi, who lived and worked in this town between 1828 and 1830.

Other Art Nouveau historic buildings in the city include the Old Church, also known as the Great Church, which has long been a model for the churches of the Great Plain. The Lutheran Church, designed by Miklós Ybl and built in a romantic style. An integral part of the cityscape is the Reformed Church, as well as the former Moorish-style synagogue with the onion-domed tower.

Among its sights we have to highlight the Kecskemét Wildlife Park, which is the smallest zoo in the country. It was established in 1971, mainly to present domestic game and native Hungarian domestic animals.

The Kecskemét Arboretum, rich in wonderful natural beauties, stands out among the natural sights of the city. The 62-hectare area of the garden contains more than 900 different plant species and their variants. The Arboretum with its significant plant populationis outstanding element of the green area of Kecskemét. In the young plant collection today already among other things in the shade of tulip trees, lily trees, mammoth pines, oaks and rubber trees we can relax. The youngest part of the arboretum is the oak collection, which presents 16 types of oak species! The arboretum, next to the educational trails, awaits visitors with a wooden playground, rain gates, a pergola and a new lookout tower.

Come and visit us too, the organizers are waiting for you!

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